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G-ASSET is an end-to-end Enterprise Asset and Vehicle life cycle management system for Airlines having a large number of machinery and vehicles spread across one or more locations. G-ASSET helps to manage all aspects of the life cycle of an asset thereby helping Airlines companies to keep their assets in perfect condition, ensure compliance and to put them to optimal use

enterprise asset management software

Key Features

  • Maintains a central repository of all key information with respect to assets including Model, Make, Capacity, Parts and Sub parts, Warranty, Maintenance Schedule, Vendor Info, Utilization, Statutory Compliance, Cost and Related Info, Knowledge Base and Manuals, Standard operating values, Service History, Utilization log etc.
  • Helps to monitor maintenance dues and perform preventive maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operation of business.
  • The system support Barcoding or RFID tagging of assets and helps to quickly perform asset audits
  • Planning board helps to schedule allocation of assets well in advance after looking at their utilization. This helps to avoid under-utilization or over-utilization of assets.
  • Drivers or Operators can be assigned to vehicles and assets based on the skills required to operate the asset.
  • Helps to monitor compliance with statutory regulations like expiry of license, insurance, calibration etc.
  • The user manual and standard operating instructions with respect to the asset can be kept in a document repository for access on a need basis.
  • Variance analysis can be performed on planned vs actual utilization of asset to investigate reasons for deviation.
  • Fuel burn analysis based on tasks for which assets are utilized, duration of use and mileage.
  • Tyre usage history and analysis of tyre mileage.
  • Asset failures can be monitored to analyze that if the failure is recurring, replacing the asset might be better as compared to repairing it.
  • Extensive reporting with respect to asset utilization, performance, transfers, idle time, failures, cost of operation, mileage and output. Dashboard reports for senior management.

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QMAGIK helps an Airline to effectively manage the queues in check-in counters. Passengers will no longer have to stand in queues and drag their entire baggage as the queue moves forward.

The system works as follows:

  • Once inside the Airport, Passenger avails a token from QMAGIK kiosk. Separate tokens are issued for each Flight
  • Passenger can relax in the designated waiting area near to the check-in counter
  • The check-in staff can see the list of tokens in the queue and then can call the tokens one after the other
  • The system announces next token number and when his/her turn comes up, the Passenger can walk to the check-in counter
  • Once check-in process is complete and boarding pass is issued to the Passenger, that token is marked as served. The next token in the queue can be called
  • The system also has facility to bypass the queue for priority services, re-call the un-answered tokens and forward tokens to another counter if required

QMAGIK has the following advantages:

  • Check-in process shall be simplified
  • Increases Passenger comfort and satisfaction
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Another means to ensure On-Time-Performance (OTP)
  • Turn Around Time Per passenger can be monitored to improve efficiency
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